Steering & Suspension Repair Services

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system is the bedrock of control, offering a balance of safety and comfort. Here’s a brief overview:

Steering and Suspension System: this system is a complex web of components like ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, struts, and shocks. Each part works in tandem to provide stability, control, and a smooth drive.

Related System/Component: The condition of related parts, such as power steering fluid, power steering belts, and tire alignment, directly impact the efficiency of the steering and suspension system.

Driving conditions, wear and tear, and external factors can diminish the efficacy and lifespan of this vital system.

Steering and Suspension Repair Services

At Country Tire Automotive, our expertise spans the entire scope of the steering and suspension system. We ensure your vehicle is always ready for the road with the following services:

Power Steering Fluid Replacement

Steering Gear Box Repair

Ball Joint Replacement

Tie Rod End Replacement