Battery, Starting & Charging Repair Services

Your vehicle’s starting and charging system is pivotal in ensuring smooth engine operation and long-term reliability.

The Starting & Charging System system is central to firing up your engine and ensuring that all electrical components in your car have the energy they need. While the starting system focuses on initiating the engine’s operations, the charging system ensures your vehicle’s battery remains powered and ready for future starts.

Battery: The battery supplies the electric power required to start the vehicle. It also provides energy to other electrical components when the car is off or when the alternator can’t carry the load.

Regular wear, driving conditions, and external factors can impact the efficiency and lifespan of these systems or components.

Starting, Charging & Batteries Services

At Country Tire Automotive, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of every aspect of a vehicle’s starting and charging system. Our team offers a range of specialized services tailored to ensure your car is always ready to go.

Battery Diagnostics and Testing

Battery Replacement

Alternator Diagnostics and Testing

Alternator Repair and Replacement