Thank a Farmer Today

September 11th, 2013

Thank a Farmer today and forever.


It was a cool 97 degrees with not a cloud in the sky to block the sun rays, but there was a nice breeze.  After setting up for Husker Harvest days and moving very large farm tires around the breeze really did not matter anymore, it was just HOT!  We will get back to the work load later.  This is about a group of people in our country that deserve so much credit and thanks.  They don’t complain about the workload that is required of them, they just do it.  They are farmers.

On our day of running the Firestone booth I had the pleasure of interacting with different generations of farmers.  The old generation, you can picture them when you close your eyes, they are hunched over because the years of stress on their backs and taking a quick nap to rest their weary bodies from the heat that they are so used to.  But for that short time where you get to talk to them and listen to their stories of past years and the tractors they drove is a time worth spent for every person.  Their largest tire size was a 15.5-38.

Now to the generation who took farming to a new age, they helped see the future of farming.  They helped grow yields to feed more people.  They worked the land with new equipment that allowed them to spend more time analyzing their business.  Their largest tire size was a 18.4R46

Talking to our next generation farmers, they ones who have that sparkle in their eye when they see the size of the new tires coming out because they know the advantages they are going to have when working the land.  This is the generation that will see the 400 bushel acre of corn, this is the generation we will all depend on to live.  This group is looking at a tire size 850/75R42.

Times have changed in the farming world but make no mistake about it, the workload for a farmer is not just putting up tires for a few hours in 97 degree weather.  It is a life of workload in all extreme conditions.  They do it because it is their passion passed on from generation to generation.  They do it because they are providing for us all. 

Today and forever thank a farmer past, present, and future because of the dedication to make our country great and to provide us with so much.




Eric Howland


Country Tire Inc.

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